How to Unfreeze Your Android and iOS Phones

Even if you use your smartphone for different purposes, your smartphone is in principle not your PC. However, you may experience some normal inconveniences such as the phone freezing. Whether you are using an iOS gadget or an Android phone, the problem is normal. It is very irritating when you encounter such difficulties and often do not know what to do. Here are some tips for defrosting iPhone and Android phones.

How to defrost your iPhone

• The phone freezes due to the inconvenience of the application, which is common. From now on you have to drive closer. Assuming you’re using iOS 7, double-click the home button to find the application switcher in the various taskbars, then scroll left to find the frozen application and swipe up to remove it from the screen. For those who use the iOS 6 home button -> application switch -> press and hold the application symbol, when it squiggles, tap the button to turn it off.

• If your iPhone goes crazy and won’t allow you to open the application switcher, then the best option you have is to restart your phone. Press and hold the sleep button on the top of the phone until you see the slider to turn off the power slider. Swipe right to turn off the phone. To control your phone, you need to press the sleep button again until the Apple logo appears.

• If you encounter a situation where iPhone cannot accept clicks, force restart it. Press and hold the Sleep key + Home key until you see the Apple logo on the screen. After a few moments, your iPhone will be ready to use again as it was before.

• Another way to get rid of iPhone freezing is by doing a factory reset or factory reset. However, accept the warning as you may lose all information on your phone so it is appropriate to perform information enhancement before attempting a factory reset. Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset all settings. Completing this operation will currently reset your phone to factory settings and erase all content, including your applications and additional programming.

• You can also prevent your phone from entering your frame via USB to solve the iTunes restore problem. A series of small tools will appear from which you need to select your phone. General tab -> Restore iPhone option, will strengthen several settings. When the download is complete and the new iOS is introduced, the default settings will be applied. To restore your data, go to Backup -> Restore Backup.

How do you defrost your Android phone?

Disable application:

• First you need to restrict closing the app causing the commotion, slide to open the tab -> select the app you need to kill by tapping the stop button. If you don’t see the application in the overview given, go to the top right corner and search for Show Cached Processes.

• You can even try turning off the power and pressing the power button + volume up button until the screen turns off. Force it by pressing the force button. If you are having trouble using the volume up button, please use the volume down button.

• If your Android has a removable battery, you can remove the back of the phone and remove the battery. After a while, reinsert the battery, close the battery cover and immediately turn your phone over. However, make sure to use this strategy when no other methods work in defrosting Android phone.

• Another way to unlock the phone is to evaluate the technology for factory reset. Factory resetting your phone will help you deal with the inconvenience caused by the phone freezing. However, before you start doing a factory reset, you should improve your phone by connecting the phone to your photo frame via USB.

• To restore factory settings, go to Settings -> Backup -> Reset and find the factory restore information, click on it. Need further confirmation to continue. After confirmation, the factory reset interaction will begin.

Doing the steps above will avoid the inconvenience caused by the phone freezing. However, if it happens again, you should contact the tech guru.

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