Five Tips to Boost Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone

Top smartphones offer many highlights, but unfortunately their battery life is not long. Over the past few years, due to several factors such as smooth scheduling and less battery space, larger and brighter screens, faster quad-core processors, multi-task viability, and the organization’s shift from 3G to 4G. In the current situation, it is difficult for … Read more

A Few Smart Phone Battery Tips


Many people buy a smartphone with the Android operating system because it is a great device for business and home. There are over 150,000 applications that can be used on the framework, and individuals can read emails, surf the web, and use home PCs for similar tasks from almost anywhere. Nevertheless, people who move from … Read more

A Few Hints to Help Save Android Battery

A Few Hints to Help Save Android Battery

As an Android premium battery client, you may like the importance and comfort of long-lasting batteries. Sometimes extra battery life can make a big impact, whether it has enough power to discover a location, send a message, or make a decision. In addition, while Android customers value their PDA in a more impressive number than … Read more