Android Apps Development – Mistakes to Avoid

Android is a free and open source working framework that has revolutionized the mobile phone field. Many people from all over the world use mobile phones powered by this special working framework. It is therefore not surprising that Android application development has become a very valuable activity for some product engineers trying to make a mark in the field of application development. Nevertheless, since many of these people are beginners and hardly get involved in the field, they often make mistakes. These errors often affect the quality and performance of the applications they create.

The following are common Android application development errors that should be avoided:

1) Don’t Start Without Preparation Some people suspect that making mobile phone apps is an extremely simple measure that can be completed in two or three days. They are unprepared and often create something that has no real value. That is why it is important that you prepare enough time and invest in venture capital so that you can do something useful.

2) Don’t start without knowing the Android tools – you need to be familiar with every tool Android has access to, which are needed in user-developed interactions. If you make the mistake of not seeing how the tools work, you won’t be able to use them for potential benefits. Likewise, when the tools are not used as needed, the applications you create will also have performance issues.

3) If all other methods don’t work, don’t be afraid to avoid the local environment of a reliable engineer who asks Google to work on Android. People from the area are generally friendly and helpful. If you have any doubts about Android application development, you can contact a local person for help. They can solve your problems and answer all your questions or queries. You can also get valuable tips from private individuals.

4) Don’t forget to browse the engineer’s website Android is a website that provides all the necessary data for application designers. The site contains access to recordings, tutorials, guides, ideas and other important assets, which is very useful for anyone who needs to create an application for advanced Android devices. Therefore, do not avoid browsing this website before going on an adventure.

Cell phone, sad battery! -Simple tips to save money on your Android

We all have beautiful, glamorous, multitasking robots, but in general we regret battery life. Of course, with the number of applications and access to the online world they provide, they need some battery power to run. iPhone, Android or any other smartphone, smart enough to still be alive. When it dies, your smartphone is just a paperweight, or on the other hand, if it’s the sleekest phone, it can be used as a bookmark!

Get the application:

The mobile phone has a large number of applications, these applications will consume your battery and memory, slow down your phone and lose power faster. There are plenty of free apps in the Android market to kill these basic apps and make your phone run longer and faster.

Display and sound settings:

Another fundamental reason for faster battery channel output is screen brightness. Change it to semi-bright mode or auto mode unless you are viewing a photo or recording. In this classification of your Android system are a few different things that will help you save battery life, notifications about vibration/tactile criticism and screen interruptions. Only use the vibration mode when the ringtone is muted. The shorter the screen interruption time, the longer the battery life.

Flight mode:

When you realize that you won’t be using your phone while exploring nature or traveling, or when you know it’s currently included, put it on silent mode. Instead of wasting battery searching for non-existent networks, you can use Android to click photos or join in on some music. Since it does not matter, the smartphone will continue to search for non-existent organizations to waste juice!


Some applications and games may be directly connected to the network for you, blocking your call and draining your battery. Therefore, from an information security point of view, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are better turned off when not in use, just like saving juice. No other capacity will affect your battery life like the information network. Unless you need better and faster organization, keep using 2G organization because the higher the availability, the faster it will consume battery. More importantly, automatically syncing your email and restoring Facebook like clockwork can be a luxury!

Battery management application:

Your smartphone has access to some useful applications to help you use the battery. These applications allow you to adjust the screen brightness, vibration notification/tactile input settings, information network and further set screen interruption settings to save battery power.

There are paying sponsors in the market who can charge you costs in a crisis situation. Some can charge your phone while others need to keep in touch with your phone. These base charging sponsors use dry batteries or battery powered batteries everywhere.

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